The Brothers of Brigadier Station by Sarah Williams

Book 1 in the Brigadier Station series

When Meghan Flanagan, a vet-nurse from Townsville, moves to Brigadier Station in outback Queensland to marry the man of her dreams, she is shocked to discover that perhaps her fiancé isn’t the man she wants waiting for her at the altar. The man she's destined to marry, just might be his younger brother.

Cautious of women after a disastrous past relationship, Darcy is happy living on his beloved cattle station, spending his spare time riding horses, going to rodeos and campdrafting. He didn't expect the perfect woman to show up on his doorstep. Engaged to his brother.

With the wedding only hours away, Meghan must make the decision of a lifetime. But, her betrayal could tear the family apart. She knows all too well the pain of losing loved ones and being alone.

Now that she has the family she so desperately wants; will she risk losing it all?

Set in the drought stricken plains of Julia Creek, North Queensland and the coastal city of Townsville this is a rural romance that will leave you asking: Will she marry the right man, for the right reasons?

The Brothers of Brigadier Station is the first in the Brigadier Station series and can easily be read as a standalone. Each of Sarah's stories are linked so you can find out what happens to the other brothers and your favourite characters in future books.

Readers say…

First time reader of Sarah Williams, and was so into this story. I highly recommend it, You won't be sorry.
So refreshing that no where in the story did they take The Lord's in vain, Thank You for that.
The story had good flow. Very fresh story line. The characters had good chemistry.
Such sizzle and sexy times ( just enough .)
I LOVED reading about Australia……just WOW. Very relatable characters. Loved the whole close family ties, can't wait to read more in this series. It's by far the best read I've read this year.
Totally WORTH your click.
If you like cowboys, the country life, a great love Story with a Slow burn. It will be worth your time.