Rise of the Firestarter by Corrina Lawson

Book 1 in the Phoenix Institute series

The world's most powerful weapon is a young soldier raised in isolation…..

Alec Farley is a telekinetic firestarter who'd been trained to work with a special forces team to defend America from its most dangerous threats.

Or so he thinks.

He doesn't know his mentor has plans to control the world, he doesn't know what he's been taught is lies, and he doesn't know why the lovely psychologist sent to help him has instead kidnapped him.

Beth Nakamora went undercover to contact Alec, but when it becomes clear Alec needs out, any way possible, she kidnaps him to show him the outside world and his true place in it.

Neither expects Alec's power to trigger Beth's latent telepathy. Neither expects the fiery attraction that nearly consumes them. Now, they must learn to trust each or else Alec will never be the hero he's meant to be.

Author's Note: This book was originally published in 2012 as Phoenix Rising.

“Rise of the Firestarter is a thrilling story that combines paranormally-enhanced characters set amid a military romance backdrop.” Amazon review.