A Crown in Time by Cidney Swanson

Book 4 in the Thief in Time series

Edmund, once a 17th century earl, is unexpectedly returned to 1601 London, where Shakespeare reigns in popularity, lords conspire against the Crown, and an aging Queen Elizabeth flirts wearing jeweled silks. There are no sewers, pharmacies, or antibiotics. Edmund’s 21st century wife Halley isn’t about to let pregnancy and a little sore throat keep her from bringing her husband back home, but Edmund, meanwhile, has just learned his brother was tossed in the Tower for treason, as part of the infamous Essex rebellion. Halley will have to draw on her knowledge of Elizabethan fashion and etiquette to rescue Edmund, but it turns out he’s already got a wife in 1601. What with treason charges, Edmund’s other wife, and scarlet fever in an era without antibiotics, things are turning deadly for Halley and Edmund.

A Crown in Time is the final book in a time travel series where ancient, renaissance, and early 20th century history comes alive for a spunky trio of girlfriends fighting to keep the men they love from the past with them in the future.

“Great series and a real feel good book!” -Amazon Reviewer