STARRED FEATURE: Silver Princess by Lea Carter

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The youngest daughter of the silver fairy king, Rebecca’s life up to now has been—in a word—sheltered. Her extensive education has prepared her for almost any situation she could expect to encounter, but no one thought to teach her how to handle her first brush with love, let alone being kidnapped by traitors.

She only has her father's sense of humor, her mother's sense of pride, and the hope that her friends will rescue her in time. She will have to draw on half-forgotten pearls of wisdom to survive these coming ordeals without bringing shame upon herself or her house.

“This book was a beautiful work of art. I was a bit apprehensive based on the cover, but when I started reading, I realized I absolutely loved it. Sweet moments, moments where I was genuinely concerned for them. I recall gasping (in public) at one point in the book. The entire thing was fantastic.” — Katie Holm