Into the Ether: Palingenesis Book One by Robyn Jenkins


Everything is finally starting to fall into place for Amber Khalid. She’ll have her graduate degree by May, and with a study system in place, she’s able to excel in her courses. She even has time to spare for dating. Then one day Amber discovers she has been mysteriously endowed with the ability of telekinesis, which could have proven handy except it doesn’t stop there. The powers keep coming and with no way of controlling them she is backed into a corner.

Convinced she must get rid of them, Amber endeavors to retrace her steps to uncover the catalyst and reverse it. She embarks on a search which leads her back to her best friend, Kelly Stowe, from high school. Someone she hasn’t spoken to in years. Leads divert Amber elsewhere, but what goes around comes around, bringing her back full circle to an unexpected homecoming.

Amber presses onward hell bent on extracting the dangerous powers. However, in spite of making connections along the way and moving one step closer to solving the mystery, Amber is unable to think clearly with the overwhelming power swirling inside of her. Even impaired, one thing is for sure: everything isn’t what it seems.

Will Amber be able to protect herself and will she find Kelly before it’s too late?

“Into the Ether: Palingenesis: Book One by Robyn Jenkins is an amazing start to a new series with a brand new author I just found. I loved reading this story and so glad I found her, I love reading this story cause it has to do with magic and I love reading these kind of stories. I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves reading about magic and wants to read a new amazing author.” ~Amazon Reader