Eighteen Objects of Power by William Timothy Murray


A Special Supplement as published in the Duinnor Star. Now available in a convenient size for your pouch or your tablet!

From The Star:
“As many of our faithful readers are interested in matters of the world and its history, the Proprietors of this broadsheet are happy to report that a substantial work concerning the magical objects of the world has been written by one of Duinnor's preeminent scholars, Raynor the Wise, who was at one time the minister of the King's Academy. We have taken the liberty of revising the work to be more suitable to the tastes of our readers who are not academics like the esteemed Raynor. Confident that our discriminating readers will enjoy such reviews, we are happy to share this Special Supplement…”

Perfect for that early morning carriage ride to the palace.

A wonderful accompaniment to your afternoon tea!

Just the thing to break up the tedium of battle!

Learn about mysterious and legendary things!

Described are the following:

Nasakeeria's Ring of Fire
The Avatar
The Carriage of Ilex
The Cornucopia of Sudomoor
Ethliad, the Sword
The Flying Rug of Zan
The Glowing Stone of Bazradur
Luna's Lantern
The Golden Mantle of Duinnor
The Great Bell of Tulith Attis
The Ice Tree of Greenfar
The Red Feather of Callowain
The Ring of Hearing
The Storm Bag
The Torch of Solstice
True Ink
The Unerring Arrow of Kalsabahyood

(Also included is a section of maps.)
As the author states in his preface:
“…although not necessary to illuminate the reader's way through The Year of the Red Door, I offer this just as a travel guide might point at something a bit off the path, a vista or feature of the landscape. But, most of all, I hope that you find a bit of enjoyment or pleasant distraction within these pages.”

“…provides detailed maps and little vignettes about powerful artifacts…” Goodreads Reviewer