STARRED FEATURE: Death at the Tavern by Lee Strauss

It’s the hot and humid East Coast summer of 1930 and five years since Dr. Haley Higgins’ brother Joe was murdered. The case has grown cold. The Boston Police Department may have given up on finding Joe Higgins’ killer, but Haley never will. She’s serious and savvy and has what it takes to hold up under depressive times. At least she finds some satisfaction doing her part as the city pathologist’s assistant in solving other crimes.

A man is found dead inside Boston’s oldest tavern—a “tea and coffee” house since prohibition became law. Another in a string of deaths related to underground rum running.
Haley doesn’t care for nosy reporters, and Samantha Hawke is no exception. Demanding and presumptuous, Haley tries to stay clear of the ambitious Sam Hawke, but it turns out they may just need each other to solve this case without becoming the next victims.