STARRED FEATURE: Must Love Movie Star by Melissa Storm


Josephine Hannah is Hollywood’s new darling, but despite the outgoing, confident women she plays on screen, she never knows what to say or how to act in real life. When a sprained ankle brings a handsome paramedic to her rescue, she wishes more than ever that she had a pre-written script to get her through life—or at least through her on-location filming in Anchorage.

Dan Rockwell fights fires and saves lives on the regular. Even though he has nothing in common with the distressed starlet he was sent downtown to rescue, he can’t resist the pull to find the real woman that’s hiding beneath the designer labels, paid endorsements, and scripted performances.

Problem is Jo’s only in town for a temporary job; she doesn’t date, and she wouldn’t wish the swarm of paparazzi that buzz around her on anyone. Dan and Jo’s hearts may beat wildly in each other’s company, but could their two very different lives ever really sync up? Will either be willing to risk the career they’ve worked so hard for in the name of love?

Find out in this sweet tale of Hollywood glitz and glamor meet the rugged wilds of Alaska. Order your copy today!