Mail Order Bride: Her Fearless Love (Seeing Ranch series) (A Western Historical Romance Book) by Florence Linnington


Daughter of a dead professor and life as a seamstress, or take a chance with mountains in the middle of the wild West.
Bonnie Potter hears the mountains calling. And she responds.

After a period of mourning and solitude in the East, it appears Bonnie’s life has taken a change for the better when she meets her love and fiancé Steve Huebner in the mountainous Wyoming Territory.

Until a gun shot in the middle of the night changes everything. A man is dead, and Steve the primary suspect in the murder. Bonnie knows Steve didn’t pull the trigger, but the evidence doesn’t look good, and Sheriff Ross’ mind seems set.

There’s only one thing left to do: find the real killer before Steve is convicted for a crime he didn’t commit.

The deeper Bonnie delves into the mountain’s secrets, though, the more shivers travel up her spine. Someone is watching Bonnie. Someone knows about what she is doing. And if she doesn’t move fast enough, she might be the next to die.

Bonnie is afraid. But she is brave.
Will her fearless love uncover the truth and save Steve?

“Great book. A young lady had answered an advertisement for a bride only to find out that the man was a brute, treating her horribly. A couple who tried to help her had ended up in trouble with the law as the husband was killed. A must read for those who enjoy historical western romance kindle books from Amazon at a special price and from a new author that has surprised me with this great book.” ~ Amazon Reviewer