Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon-transcending Magimal by Weiqi Wang


If you like JK Rowling or Brandon Sanderson or both, you will love this book. It’s a wonderful novel genre that develops magic with the power of science – something rarely seen.

Soarame has a pair of special eyes. He can see magic elements in this world, which are supposed to be invisible. This enviable gift of his could reveal the truth of the world, but it also put him in danger.

Many animals in this world possess magic power, so they are called “magimals” – dragons as an example. Soarame fortunately got a baby magimal as his best friend, but they got into troubles together – troubles that were a lot bigger than dragons.

Could they survive?

“I really enjoyed reading this book and will be reading the next one as soon as it is released. I quite liked the twists as the story gained momentum, the friendships were fun and the magic imaginative.”