Revenge at Snake Bend by Joseph Powell


He thought the war was over… it was just getting started.

Confederate war hero Clayton Wallace earned a taste for justice on the battlefield.
But… his taste for revenge was learned as a boy in Snake Bend, Texas.

His pregnant sister was murdered in front of him by August Graves, her evil, abusive husband who's gone unpunished all these years.

Clay is about to change that.

Fighting for justice is never easy though.
1- Now that August is mayor and
2- His brother, Lloyd, is sheriff.

They rule Snake Bend with an iron fist and show mercy to no one.

But it's not just Clay who the bloodthirsty mayor wants dead, it's the entire Apache population. August and Lloyd will kill anyone who gets in their way, women and children included.

The Indians have been waiting for a hero to lead them to victory, and Clay is it.
Clay has spent his life waiting for revenge, and he won't leave Texas without it.

A new battle is coming, and Clay is ready.
But when the bullets start flying, will he make it out alive, or will justice die with him?

A wonderful action packed western full of twists and turns. Lots of detail, which I love. I was pleasantly surprised and am looking forward to reading more by this author. ~ Amazon Reviewer