Hiring John by Xaviera Snow


A promotion sends Londoner Britain St. James across the ‘pond’ all the way to Sin City, USA — Las Vegas. But success isn’t smelling quite as sweet as she realizes she’s middle-aged, single, and with no manly prospects on the horizon. Having no one to share her achievements with sucks, and her man-hungry assistant, Kathy, doesn’t count! As the melancholy sets in, the complimentary drinks flow, and Brit decides that “When in Rome,” she should do as the Romans do–if the Romans hired male escorts! Before she loses her liquid courage, she makes the call, ordering herself a hot, man-sandwich! Enter J.D. Russel. Recovering from a bad divorce, he craves fun, excitement, and just a little depravity. When he meets a saucy redhead who whisks him off to bed, he feels his prayers to the powers that be have been answered.

Sexy hi-jinx ensue when Brit hooks up with her man-for-hire. Mistaken identity turns to miscommunication as one awkwardly hilarious one-night stand brings two lonely hearts together only to tear them apart. Can they overcome crazy first impressions, and will Brit ever be able to live with herself after hiring John?

If you enjoyed Bridget Jones Diary, then you will love Hiring John. Brit is Bridget Jones on Viagra.

“Highly recommended! I love my sexy reads with humor and this book has both in spades!” Gerry/Amazon Customer