Winter Games by Victoria Renteria

He was an Olympic Gold Medalist.

She was his best friends sister.

Together, they started a love affair that would shock a nation.

Brooklyn Myles was returning to her hometown after college with no clear direction in life—but she gets more than she bargained for when a cruel twist of fate sends her long-time crush calling.

Hayden Jaxon had a competitive snowboarding career, six gold medals, and women falling at his feet—except, it wasn't enough. He wanted more, and his heart wouldn't settle for anyone but her.

Can Brooklyn survive her brother's best friend? Or will she be another victim of his winter games?

Baby, it's cold outside, but you don't need a fire to keep you warm. All you need is Victoria Renteria’s Christmas love story. The story is heartwarming and relatable you can't miss with this novel. -The Literary Vixen