The Four Horsemen: Bright by LJ Swallow

What happens after Vee and the Four Horsemen defeat Chaos? The series continues with new challenges, new enemies, and deeper connections between them all.

The Four Horsemen face Christmas and the holiday season is a bigger challenge than they expected. The parties are hell, the traditions confusing, and the angel they encounter isn’t the one Vee places on top of their Christmas tree.

With the portals closed, the world is safer and the group manage to persuade a reluctant Xander to take time off for Christmas. That might not be possible as the repercussions from their fight with Chaos and the angels reverberates through their new life.

Following a mysterious death at a Christmas party, the group discover a new type of creature is in town and killing people. They’ve no idea what it is or where the creature came from. With the creature one step ahead of them, the five need to stop it before anybody else dies.

The events in Bright take place shortly after the end of Reckoning. The original series must be read first.

TBC – Publishes Dec 3