Mistletoe and Chain Mail by Elizabeth Rose

(A sweet and clean holiday novella. Experience a medieval Christmas in authentic detail in this first book of the Holiday Knights Series.)

Sir Adam de Ware is on a mission as a spy for King Edward III. He is sent to Cavendish Castle to investigate some odd behavior from the earl. If he succeeds to get answers for the king, he will be rewarded when the mission is completed. Wanting to get close to the earl's daughter, the cold-hearted Lady Eva to find out more, Adam decides to seduce her. But the only way to seduce a woman like this is to appeal to what she most desires, and that is sumptuous food! Adam uses his unique skill of being able to cook delectable holiday dishes to lure the woman closer.

Lady Eva Cavendish will do anything to protect her father's secret, even forging missives to the king in her father's name. But when Sir Adam shows up at her doorstep on Christmas Eve with a roasted goose and all the fixings to offer, she finds that she can't turn him away. Since the death of her mother, the kitchen servants haven't been able to serve an edible dish and she longs for properly prepared food for the Christmastide season.

When the Lord of Misrule proclaims that Sir Adam will be cooking in the castle's kitchen during the twelve days of Christmas, Lady Eva cannot go against the custom of the twisted holiday tradition. And when Sir Adam starts to seduce her with everything from Partridge with Pears, to French Hens, to Collie Bird Pie, she finds his talents alluring and starts to fall for him.

Amidst the deceit, how long will the romance keep cooking? And will someone get burned in the end?

Elizabeth Rose writes an adorable, witty Christmas story that will not only make you hungry it will also fill your heart with joy. – Five Stars – Goodreads Review