Harper’s Justice in Canyon (A Classic Western Novel) by William Black


Former U.S. Marshal Austin Harper is a wanted man.

He is wanted in Robbers Roost for intercepting their raids at a stagecoach way station in New Mexico. He is wanted for saving a distressed Rachel Dennis.

Now, Harper is facing not just one petty gang of robbers but an entire canyon of criminals operating in a highly organized fashion.

Not that Harper is afraid. But his badly injured leg during his line of duty is a huge encumbrance.

And time is running short. This nefarious bunch is terrorizing a lot of the southwest from a barren and well-fortified canyon in nearby No Man's Land.

Together with his fiercely loyal American Indian friend Eagle, Harper leaps into action to put the marauders out of business permanently. Infiltrating Robbers Roost to take out the leader Wicked Bear is one solution to prevent more innocent lives from being lost.

Harper’s daring move is backed by the U.S. Army, but threatened by sworn adversaries of the American government including renegade Indians, enemy Mexican nationals and Confederate soldiers not willing to give up on the Lost Cause.

There will be bloodshed.

How will the sun set at the canyon terrain of No Man’s Land? Will the sun rise again for Robbers Roost, or for Harper?

“Interesting people and situation just after Civil War. For some the war was NOT over, but they are not honorable in their fight. The hero and his few helpers devise a complex plot to take down the aggressors.” ~ Amazon Reviewer