The Abused Bride And Her Impulsive Rancher by Florence Linnington


Some mail order brides have secrets that can’t ever be told…

Ellen Reese is living a lie.
It is the only way for her to survive.
It is the only way for her to live her day with her abusive husband.

But his crimes are not just against Ellen. The town’s had enough of his con man ways.
He’s forced to run, leaving Ellen behind.

It’s the chance she’s been waiting for.

But he stole her family’s life savings when he fled.
Now … they have nothing.

Ellen needs a plan. Fast.
Or her family will suffer for her mistakes.
Axel Carter is getting his rich uncle’s estate.
But… only for a condition.

He needs a wife to inherit.

He never wanted a mail order bride, but when Ellen shows up, he can’t say no to her.
Now if Axel could only get Ellen to open her heart, things would be perfect.
But Ellen’s scars aren’t just physical, and her secrets are not easily broken.

Can Axel pry those secrets from Ellen before they come after her, or will her past destroy their future?

“Enjoyed reading. Could not put it down. Felt many emotions for this story. Axel is true blue and loyal and proves it well to a woman who defines her future with her bad past experiences. I can relate. I loved Zeline's honesty and way of speaking truth. It is refreshing to be honest, direct but loving.” Amazon Reviewer