Fierce Grace by Jess B. Moore


A fierce connection…

Annabelle Dare is in a good place. She landed a sweet job, teaching at the quaint Fox River Elementary School. She has everything she needs: teaching music and sharing an apartment with her best friend. A simple life, she’s convinced, is all she needs.

Asher Grace knows who he is and what he has to offer. Nothing. A poor boy from the wrong side of town, steel worker, with too much weight on his shoulders as he is trying to hold his family together. Best choice is avoiding too-sweet-for-her-own-good Annabelle at all costs.

Annabelle falls in love with the way she comes to life with Asher. He awakens a hunger for life and love in her that she didn’t know she possessed.

Asher must learn his worth beyond his upbringing and his past. Annabelle must learn to stoke the fire of life as it burns within her and learn how close she can get before the flames lick her.

“Fierce Grace is everything I am coming to expect from Jess B Moore – sweet, romantic yet with a keen observational wit that make her books true, warm and wise. She writes from the heart and I guarantee she will capture yours with her gorgeous characters, adorable settings and eloquent style.”
Megan Mayfair, author of The Things We Leave Unsaid & Tangled Vines