Misconceptions of Healing, Blessings and Miracles in the Church by Tiza Joseph Nyirenda


There is a need for the modern day practices and teachings on healing, blessings, and miracles to conform to the written word of God. The purpose of this book is to equip believers with the necessary tools, knowledge, and spiritual insights to increase their understanding in these areas so that false doctrines are no longer perpetuated within the Church. Between these pages, you will discover: • That God still heals people miraculously, and there is no conflict between divine healing and medical healing. • That seeking medical intervention does not demonstrate a lack of faith in God. • That God has power through, despite, or because of medicines. God may choose medicines as an agent for healing without the need for additional divine intervention. This is because He designed our bodies to respond in tangible ways to physical stimuli. This was all orchestrated by Him and for Him. • That prayer does not work like a magic spell. • That working is God’s plan for believers. The scriptures say that God will bless the work of our hands. Believers should, therefore, learn to work with their hands in order to realize the blessings of God. Seeking to achieve something while doing nothing is vanity. Believers should not simply pray; they must work and pray!

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