Rebellious Secrets by Elizabeth Rose


After being framed and stripped of his title, Sir Jacob Quincey vows revenge against the High Sheriff of Durham who ruined his life and stole his lover. With no family, title or lands to his name, Jacob takes to the forest to live as an outcast. But after five long years, he’s managed to assemble an army, teaching commoners how to fight. Now is the time for justice to be served but one lady stands in his way.

Lady Maira Douglas, daughter of Rowen, one of the Legendary Bastards of the Crown, resents that her father has betrothed her to the High Sheriff of Durham. The last thing she wants is to marry a man who will make her act like a lady and force her to put down her blade. But when Maira takes a liking to the man's young son, she decides she will do anything to protect the child.

One day in the forest she meets Jacob Quincey and experiences feelings for this man like never before. He is a rebel but can give her what she’s always wanted. But to gain one thing, she must lose another that is very dear to her heart.

When a shocking secret is revealed, it can change both of their lives. But will it bring them together in passion or tear them apart?

I love Elizabeth Roses' stories. – Bookbub Reviewer.