Shifter’s Challenge by Annalise Nixon

The Alpha Wolf

After ten damned years spent scouring the United States for the mate he lost when he was captured, Bryce, Norcal Pack’s Alpha, has a solid lead. She’s been under his nose the entire time. But when he finally comes face to face with his mate, Bryce learns she’s with the one male in Sacramento he won’t kill—his best friend.

The Lion Prince

Wyatt’s destiny has been decided since the day he was born—down to the woman he should marry. In their world, alliances and power mean everything. Mating with a woman he doesn’t love will provide the Sacramento Pride a place to call its own. But when the human woman storms into his bar, Sanctuary, and his bed, the game changes. For good.

Wyatt’s obsession with this human woman could destroy a lifelong friendship.

The Woman who could destroy them both

The tenth anniversary of her former team’s plane crash is not the night Candace Murphy wants to spend alone.

So she heads to Sanctuary, Sacramento’s hottest shifter bar, with a short dress and a big plan—get drunk, get laid, and get over it. The best way to get over a man is to get under another one, right? Unfortunately, one night in Wyatt’s bed turns her life from no way to why not? But just when she’s finally met a man who makes her feel alive, a ghost walks into her life, turning her world upside down.

Now she’s caught in a dilemma—embrace the future or cling to the past?
Or is there a third choice?

Finally we get Bryce's happy ending, and boy is it a doozy! ARC reviewer