The Haunting of Secrets by Shelley R. Pickens

Book 1 in the Secrets series

Sixteen year old Aimee doesn't like to touch people. One touch and she sees their past. One graze over her skin and she can see all the good and bad deeds a person has ever done. It isn't until a bomb explodes during lunch that she realizes exactly how many dirty secrets the students in her school harbor, or exactly how far one of them would go to keep his secrets safe.

In the aftermath of that fateful day of the bombing, Aimee is brushed by a fellow student as they are caught in the mob running for their lives. Images of tortured and murdered girls rise up to choke her. The problem is, Aimee doesn't know who touched her. Somewhere in this school a fellow student is a killer, and Aimee is the only one that can find him before he murders again.

With the help of her friends, Aimee must sift through her stolen memories to determine clues. The quest to find a killer unravels the very fabric of her carefully woven life. He won't stop until he silences her- for only she knows all his secrets. She will have to summon all of her inner strength to decide what she must do: hunt or be hunted.

Are some secrets worth dying for?

Shelley Pickens creates a suspenseful, mysterious, and intriguing plot in her debut novel, The Haunting of Secrets. I immediately became attached to all the characters, most especially Aimee, and could not put this book down! I finished this book in a day and cannot wait for the sequel's release! I typically never read novels of this genre and am not a huge fan of supernatural stories, but I absolutely loved this book despite how dark and suspenseful it was at times. I cannot wait for the release of the sequel to read more about the characters that I have fallen in love with! Amazing writing and very original story line!
August 24, 2014