A Match in Dogwood by Jodi Anderson, Karen Fox, Laura Hayden, Pam McCutcheon, Sharon Silva, Angel Smits, Jude Willhoff

Book 1 in the Dogwood series

In this prequel to the Dogwood series, you’ll learn how the legend of the matchmaking dog came to be, and meet many of the quirky characters who made life in Dogwood, Colorado interesting over the years. The short stories include:

“A Forever Kind of Love” by Pam McCutcheon
When two high school sweethearts are reunited after he returns from the military, can they find love again?

“Gone to the Dogs” by Laura Hayden
When two strangers drive together cross-country to deliver a school bus, they rescue several stray dogs along the way. But will they be able to rescue each other?

“The Cowboy and the Librarian” by Jodi Anderson
Caught together in a snowstorm, can a cowboy and a librarian find common ground with the help of a canine matchmaker?

“A Match in Disguise” by Pam McCutcheon
Susan Brown has always hated her bland, boring name and life. Will a reunion with the town’s golden boy help her shine?

“Rescuing Nora” by Jude Willhoff
When Nora Blake wrecks her car in a snowstorm, will she freeze to death before she can reunite with her estranged husband?

“In Search of a Match” by Sharon Silva
Determined to find her soul mate, Emily Harrington accidentally kidnaps the town’s matchmaking dog. Will Match be able to help her find her soul mate…or will the handsome police officer intervene?

“Give a Dog a Chance” by Karen Fox
Dog trainer Jenna Howard proposes a program to give rescued dogs and prison inmates a second chance, but will Brand Thatcher, the man who dumped her after high school, approve it?

“Take Me Home” by Angel Smits
When Gina and Ted find their marriage hitting a rough patch, can their marriage be saved with the help of their grandchild and a special dog?

This collection of stories range from humorous to emotional, but each and every one is a heartwarming story about couples who are fated to be together, and the dogs who love them.

Dogwood, Colorado: where the best things in life are rescued. Download your copy today!

“Dogwood, Colorado is a fictional town that you will soon wish was real so you could move there. ” –Amazon Reviewer