The One That Got Away by Zee Monodee

Book 1 in the Island Girls: 3 Sisters In Mauritius series

With her decade-long marriage in shambles, business mastermind Lara Reddy leaves London behind and returns to Mauritius where a prestigious job awaits her. But once on the tiny Indian Ocean island, she finds more than she bargained for, like her insufferable mother, meddling aunties, gossip-mongering backstabbers, and the divorcee tag painted like a scarlet letter on her back. There’s also Eric, the first love she’d once let slip from her fingers.

Successful paediatrician Eric Marivaux loved and lost Lara when they were teenagers. Now in his thirties, he’s worked hard to get over her and live his life … until he comes face to face with a single-again Lara, which sends every resolution he’d had about her onto the wind.

She is of Indian origin; he is a French-Mauritian white man. Society deemed their pairing forbidden in the past. But they’re adults now, with a mind of their own & no longer under the thumbs of their formidable families.

Will they succeed in surviving the odds this time around?

Warning: If you love Bollywood shenanigans, over-the-top family drama, & casts of colourful characters, then you will enjoy this story of second chances that follows the trials & tribulations of the eldest of the three Hemant sisters in the exotic location of Mauritius.

“If I have to choose one thing I admire about Zee Monodee's body of work, it would be – hands down – her compassionate, intuitive development of characters. This, added to the cultural flavor she imbues her stories with, offers poignant depth and dimension. Zee Monodee knows her characters, what makes them tick, what drives them to make hard decisions, and she knows the culture she grew up in. Reading her books is like sinking deep into the beauty and also the not-so-nice elements of Mauritian life and customs. …” – Amazon Reviewer