Hammer of God by Ines Johnson

Book 3 in the The Misadventures of Loren series

Every BFF knows thou shalt not covet thy bestie’s ex. Even if he’s burn your bra handsome and doggone dirty rich and vulnerable because your bestfriend just broke his heart.

Fresh off two successful quests, Loren Van Alst returns home to Camelot to find out that her bestfriend has gone missing. To save her BFF Loren will have to travel the realms of the norse gods in search of the Hammer of God, the only weapon that can get her to nia.
With sea gods trying to sink her chances, a trickster god trying to take her head, and a thunder god trying to steal her heart, Loren has her hands full. Which is good, because that’ll help her keep them off a certain Broody Billionaire who’s off limits.
But Dame Galahad may have met her match when the fierce, Valkyrie warriors swoop in on their dragons. Just as strong, crazy, and fiercely protective of their own sisters, the female warriors stand between Loren and her best friend.

Urban fantasy soars through the nine realms in this modern day, action-packed, calamitous series of misadventures.

“I absolutely love Loren's character. Snarky, funny, and badass” ~Amazon Reviewer