STARRED FEATURE: Hexes and Exes: Magic and Mayhem Universe by Jordan K. Rose

Is it too much to ask that a woman be allowed to focus on her work? Who says she has to fall in love?

Roma Amoretto knows she is in for a long day when her lying, cheating, no good ex-boyfriend shows up at her apothecary unannounced, uninvited, and unwanted. When he proclaims they need each other, she doesn't even think about controlling her anger. She should have known she'd suffer some form of retribution for letting a mini tornado suck Ralph Tortellani into another plane. But she could never have seen the catastrophe of unwelcome visitors who would set her life on a completely different course.

By the time the entire Tortellani family arrives with magic, meatballs, and mania there's no stopping the crazy train. The beautiful young scientist's life goes from perfect order to the chaos of unbridled romance with the pull of one hairpin.