The Book of Broken Creatures by A.L. Hart


They say all good things come in pairs, and for Peter Bately, this couldn’t be more true. On one stormy night, when demon succubus twins enter into his coffeeshop sick and in search of aid, what starts as one act of kindness quickly turns his world into one filled with chaos. Suddenly, those both human and immortal are showing up at his doorstep in need of help only he can provide. They call him the Maker’s child—whatever that means. All he knows is he now has wings that grants him the coveted ability to control the most powerful substance between the human and immortal world: dark energy.

If that’s not stressful enough, it's this very ability which has him and his friends as a primary target of the supernatural realm’s deadliest enemy – the Hunter’s Bureaucracy. It's up to both him and the twins Jera and Ophelia to protect those of both worlds—something that would be a whole lot easier if one of them didn't have a death wish for him.

“A.L. Hart is a new author for me, but based on The Book of Broken Creatures, his book in the new Broken Creatures Chronicles series, I’m promising myself that we will become well acquainted. This novel truly is, quite simply, wonderful. This tale had just what I wanted, action, magic, adventure and thrills, and was well written and with a great plot that had a truly “genuine” feel to it. Peter Bately, the lead here, is perfectly crafted and his supporting cast is also superb (especially the twins Jera and Ophelia – though the Hunter’s Bureaucracy is appropriately freaky). I love the concept of Peter as the “Maker’s Child”, and how that’s a great key to the tale. But for the fact that I’m literally dictating this review to my husband from my hospital bed I could go on and on with praises – the book definitely deserves it. Since I can’t do that I will simply note that the book is most definitely one to read, it is easy to highly recommend and I’m definitely looking forward to book 2.” ~ Amazon Fantasy Reviewer