Any Way You Dream It, An Upper Crust Novel by Monique McDonell


Sometimes when life throws you lemons, you create a fake fiancé.

Lucy didn’t mean to lie but when her high school nemesis, now married to her ex, calls to see if she's attending her high school reunion going alone just isn't an option.

Chase is the answer to her dilemma and for reasons Lucy can’t fathom, he agrees to be her date. The man is too good to be true – he fixes her car, takes her to stay at his place – more castle than house – and seems to find her fascinating.

He turns out to be the perfect choice and in the month leading up to the reunion makes himself an indispensable part of her life, which may be the biggest problem of all.

Will her ‘romance’ with Chase be turn out to be the answer to her dreams or will the whole sham turn into just another nightmare?

If you believe that success if the best revenge, family comes first and opposites attract then you’ll love Any Way You Dream It.

“I am still in awe from the first book, Any Way You Slice it. This next installment affirms my belief in true love.” Amazon Reviewer