Screaming Jenny by Becky Muth


Vanessa and Nick are en route to Washington, D.C. to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, but their differences threaten to ruin the weekend before it has a chance to begin.

When an accident further up the tracks leaves their train temporarily stranded in Harpers Ferry National Park, a chance meeting with the town's most iconic resident offers insight into a bit of local history.

Will a poignant message from the past help put the newlyweds' future back on track, or are they destined to derail?

SCREAMING JENNY is one of the stories in the Haunted Women Tales series. The other books include…

ROAD TRIP – Three haunting tales of travelers touched by lost souls from the spirit realm. Now available.
“I love reading about haunts. I can remember listening to the tales of haunts when I was a child. Southeast Kentucky must be full of ghosts because I heard and still hear tales of haunts that are sworn to be true. I can remember riding in my aunts car with my cousins and going to see the haunted barn and the old haunted schoolhouse in the holler. They are among my most treasured memories. Road Trip takes me back to my roots….” ★★★★★ Amazon Review

DEAR DIARY – Three tales of modern-day people whose lives are forever changed by missives written by lost souls from an otherwise forgotten past. Now available.

BROKEN HOMES – Three haunting tales of families who attract attention from beyond the grave. Coming Soon.

GHOST SIGHTING – Three haunting tales of present-day people who have run-ins with visions from the past. Coming Soon.

“Creepy, sad tale of a haunt…This is the kind of tale you can read out loud before the fire on a chilly, gray day. This author knows how to tell a good story!” ~ Amazon Reviewer