A Mysterious Rogue: A Sweet Regency Romance by Rosie Wynter


After two failed seasons, Rosalie Curtis comes to live in London with her well-connected aunt, the Duchess of Lynch, for one last time.

There, as fate would have it, a roguish, broad-shouldered man is introduced into her life.

Mysterious Mr. Farrell.

Despite his poor reputation and sordid past he manages to gain Rosalie’s trust – and a delicate connection is made.

Yet sadly, he’s far from the suitor any family would wish for, and the duchess quickly attempts to turn Rosalie’s eyes away from Mr. Farrell, where they land on the Marquess of Oakham, Julian Wareham.

Charming, highly respected and rakishly handsome, the lord could flutter the heart of many a young woman – and Rosalie is no exception. How fortunate that Lord Oakham could ensure her future, and Rosalie’s family pressures her to marry the marquess.

However, Rosalie won’t feel at peace until she solves Mr. Farrell’s mystery. After all, he’s the one she can’t stop thinking about.

The answers she finds will surprise everyone.

What will Rosalie’s choice be, once she learns the truth?
And will it bring her happiness, or a broken heart?

Captivatingly sweet and soulfully romantic. Accompany Rosalie Curtis on her journey of heart and soul to find true love. Clean Regency Romance Novel. No cliffhanger.

“I actually stayed up most of the night reading to the last page.”

“A very endearing love story!”

“A wonderfully written, steady paced, easy to follow, smooth flowing read that captures your attention from the start. The characters were intriguing, complex and a few deceptions. I was mesmerized following the characters as their personalities transformed and blossomed to life.”

“This was a delightful classical regency romance!”

“…this was a true surprise. I REALLY loved this book. I downloaded my copy Saturday night and could not put it down when I started reading it yesterday.”


“Rosie Wynter is a new author but I am hooked. The way she writes is truly spectacular. ”

“A sweet romance story with a choice to make. Interesting characters who pull you in and keep you interested in the story.”

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