Falling for Mr Wrong by Joanne Dannon


All Tilly Walker wanted was a bit of independence from her overprotective family and small town life. But a high-profile scandal has turned her dream job into a nightmare, and Tilly's face is splashed over the front pages of the papers.

Now Tilly's on the run from the press. Her only ally is a handsome stranger, and Nate Morgan-Young quickly becomes the only one person she can rely on.

So what will happen when she learns Nate's secret? He’s a reporter.

How will Nate convince Tilly he’s after more than just a smutty scandal? And for Tilly, why does it feel so right to be falling for Mr Wrong?

“Joanne Dannon delivers a sexy, emotional story with a relatable heroine and a hero worth falling for.” ~Leah Ashton, RITA Award-winning author.