Summerbird Rises by Debi Ennis Binder


Summerbird Asii has always been an inept seer, why try to deny it? She’s spent her young life hiding her fractured magic, having been dumped in a land where she does not belong, where magic will get you a death sentence faster than any crime. The last thing she needs is a visit from a griffin with a task. An evil mage has impaired the magic of several highborn Fey. He needs her help to rescue them. Yes, she is also Fey, but what has that gotten her? But she will help? Oh, by the way, there’s also a mystical and mythological entity, hiding from his ancient, malevolent counterpart. He might need her assistance, as well. Before she can refuse or even breathe, the griffin is disappearing. But his last words will linger forever—“Would you like to learn your magic?”
“Summerbird Rises” begins the tale of a young seer who has no doubt that her ultimate talent is her appalling inability to see the future. It’s a living, and after all, the last thing she wants is to end up in jail—or executed. And she certainly doesn’t want to cross paths with the over armed men that enforced the ‘no-magic’ law. Once she agrees to cross to a magical land to help a gruff, wheedling griffin save an entity that has always been more god-like to the Fey than the gods themselves have, things will never be the same for Summerbird. Follow her as she learns who–and what–she really is. And why her grandfather left her in a non-magical world with a well-used green-crystal ball, and the words, “This is your legacy. Forget whatever you see in it.”

D Brent
5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely fabulous
November 23, 2017
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Summerbird Asii is truly an inept Seer, If that description isn't intriguing enough to grab a readers attention I have no idea what is! More importantly, it sets the tone for what is an absolutely fabulous fantasy novel. One that doesn't meander through endless pages of waffle but takes us on a spritely adventure full of vivid characters and wonderfully imaginatively described settings. One of the most enjoyable fantasy novels I have read in a long time.

5.0 out of 5 starsSummerbird discovers her roots and we get to tag along for the Ride!
May 21, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Summerbird Rises (An Act of Entreaty Book 1)
Debi Ennis Binder
Summerbird Asii knew she was different. She could actually “see” things, but she could never tell others just what she “saw”. That meant she used real “Magic”, her crystal ball showed “real” events, and that could get one killed in these parts, that would just not do! The land of Isterr had changed, people watched everything, everyone was suspicious of everyone else. You had to keep your thoughts to yourself even. Summerbird remembered when her Grandfather was around, things were vastly different. You could walk around, birds chirped, people sang, were happy. Then everything radically changed when that dark Castle appeared.
Debi Ennis Binder has spun a tale. A magical fantastic tale full of mystery, suspense, intrigue with a touch of Romance twinned in amongst the pag es. It’s a tale of adventure as well as a tale of becoming. Summerbird’s true self emerges as the events unfold. This opens up the complex, well developed worlds of Isterr and Emythor, one is very dark, dangerous the other very magical and light. The companions she takes with her or meets on her journey, Orkney, her sweet cat, Miffin Griffin, and others are not exactly as they seem. There is more to them, they only show Summerbird the side they want her so see!

I really enjoyed this early glimpse into these worlds. Debi weaves a well written tale that kept my interest. So if you like adventure, magic and fantasy with romance, pick up a copy! You will not be disappointed!
I was given a copy but the Honest Review is freely given.