Fated Love by Sandy Raven


Lady Adina Gordon, Countess of Rathcavan, is taking the opportunity of celebrating her birthday to bring three select heiresses to her home to play matchmaker for her grandson and his friends.
Laethan Ross Gordon, Earl of Rathcavan, has long held a secret tendre for one lady from the moment he saw her in her father's home. He spent the next three years making himself worthy of her, hoping she might one day care for him. Lady Isabel Halden has been untrusting of any young man since a failed attempt at abduction, leaving the gossip writers to be incredibly cruel in their treatment of Isabel, dubbing her Lady Ice.
Nathaniel Santiago spent five weeks in London getting to know Miss Penelope through their common love of horses. Then one day he was gone. Miss Penelope Fenwicke felt she'd met the one man in the world who understood her best because they shared a common love for horsemanship. When he disappeared she feared for his life and prayed daily for his safe return. And when he did, he managed to betroth himself to her cousin!
Eamon Ramsey wasn't born rich, nor was he titled. He was an ambitious man, and partner with his cousin and their friend in the rail-producing mill they started. He also wasn't nearly the lady's man he led his friends to believe. The night he sees Lady Charlotte Brightman enter the great hall at Lyden Castle, he didn't want to pretend to be anything. All he wanted was to be her man. Lady Charlotte had always been the gawky one of the three fates. Dubbed “unremarkable and standoffish” by gossip writers they predicted she would never marry, no matter the size of her dowry. When Mr. Gowrey invites Charlotte on an early morning ride, she thinks he's just being polite because their friends were marrying. But he had other ideas–until the weather turned on them.
It took one matchmaking old woman to bring these three couples together and to help them realize that love and happiness are greater when you can share it with your best friends.

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