My Passionate Love by Melissa Limoges


As the final member of her family to stumble into wedded bliss, Mairi MacGregor struggles with the weight of securing a suitable match more than ever.

Fearful of becoming a burden to her kin or worse, ending up utterly alone, she begrudgingly accepts an offer of marriage from a longtime family friend and ally. However, as her upcoming nuptials draw closer, her thoughts stray to another—one she should’ve long forgotten. With the untimely and clandestine arrival of an unexpected visitor, Mairi is faced with a decision that will change her life.

Hindered by the demons of his past and wallowing in his own self-imposed misery, Aaron MacRae cannot believe his eyes when the lass of his dreams lands in his bedchamber, and far more inconceivably, in his bed. Stunned by Mairi’s sudden reappearance in his life, he demands her safe return before her absence incites a clan war the MacRaes have no chance of surviving. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has other plans.

When a winter storm complicates matters, Mairi and Aaron are forced together by circumstances. Despite his best intentions to remain aloof and maintain a healthy distance from the bewitching woman, he slips further under Mairi’s spell.

Will their kindled passion thaw with the coming spring? Or will it burn eternal?