STARRED FEATURE: Time Rebound by Cathy Peper

A man with a past. A second chance at love. And a third overpowering earthquake.

Heartbroken at the death of his fiancée, Bryce Poole vows revenge on Arianne’s brother, the man he holds responsible. Under the alias, Bob Rivers, he establishes himself as a rival keelboat captain and plans to ruin Sebastien. However, when he discovers the unexpected opportunity to travel to the future, he chooses a new life over further persecution of his enemy.

Unknown to Bryce and her family, Arianne didn’t actually die in 1805. Her magical crystal necklace transported her to the future where she has been working as a tour guide and raising her young daughter. She is happy, but still misses her daughter’s father even though she thinks he abandoned her.

Bryce’s trip to the future reunites him with Arianne and the couple has a chance to reclaim their lost love. But Bryce’s arrival seems to have changed the timeline and endangered Arianne’s brother. If they return to the past to restore the timeline, will Bryce’s past actions return to haunt him? And can they survive the final major upheaval of the New Madrid fault?

An actual historical disaster + time travel + romance = a great story!-Amazon review on Earth Shattering, first book in the series.