To Love by Laura Scott

A new family series by award winning author, Laura Scott!

Eager for a fresh start, Jazz McNally throws herself into renovating her grandparents’ mansion in time for the grand opening of the McNally Bed and Breakfast. When vandals strike, she accepts help from drifter Dalton O’Brien. Dalton is willing to lend a hand, until it’s time to move on. But when danger escalates, Dalton soon realizes that protecting Jazz is a threat—to his heart.



Dalton polished off his coffee and went to work. They’d already used the lumber they were able to salvage, so he carried over the new two-by-fours Jazz had purchased at the lumberyard.

He measured and marked the boards, then looked around for Jazz’s circular saw. He found it inside the house, tucked in the corner of the room with the rest of her tools.

He picked it up, then nearly dropped it when he heard her voice.

“What are you doing?”

He turned to find Jazz standing in the kitchen, holding a cup of coffee. She was so pretty, his pulse jumped erratically as she slowly approached. “Working,” he said, his voice emerging as a croak.

“Did you already eat something?”

“No, I didn’t want to disturb you.”

Her mouth tipped up in a rueful smile. “Right, because you thought I would have slept through the sound of the circular saw without a problem.”

He looked down at the circular saw and shrugged with embarrassment. “Oh. Yeah. Sorry about that. I figured the sooner I get that last panel done, the better.”

“Breakfast first. How does French toast sound?”

His stomach rumbled embarrassingly loud. “Um, good. I like French toast.”

“Put the saw down, Dalton. We can work when we’re finished eating.”

He liked the way she said we as if they really were a team. He gave himself a mental head-slap. See? This was why he needed to move on. There is no we. There is only a woman trying to start her own business and a drifter.

Nothing more.