The Ring of Gyges by Ines Johnson


I knew the break up rules. Don’t try to be friends. Don’t let him in after midnight. And most importantly, don’t seek revenge. Pfft, I’m about to break all those rules starting with that bit about revenge.

Loren Van Alst, the newly knighted Dame Galahad, has a bone to pick with her ex Leonidas Baros. The last she saw him, he left her for dead at the hands of the Titan gods, so revenge is a definite possibility.

The two are reunited when Loren goes on her first knightly quest—to seek out the famed Ring of Gyges, which grants its user invincibility. Leonidas wants the ring as well, and they both enter a supernatural fight club held by a deranged fairy, where the ring is the prize.

Now face to face with her ex-lover, Loren is torn between keeping the ring out of the wrong hands and using it to help Leonidas escape from the clutches of the Greek gods. He claims he never betrayed her, but even if that’s true, he’s still a threat to her heart. If she doesn’t get him out of her system and return with the ring, her future as a knight just might be in jeopardy.

“Oh, she's one hell of a knight even if she's not as much of a Lady.” ~Amazon Reviewer