Maisy’s Mirror by Mimi Foster


How do you begin to heal when you're not even sure you want to live? Author Maisy Hollis has lived the last two years suffocated by guilt and regret. The night of the car crash that killed her husband shattered not only her leg, but her spirit as well. No longer believing in love – or herself – her writing is crippled, her editor is livid, and although the isolated coastline cottage seemed like a haven, her creativity is still AWOL. To further complicate her situation, now she's hearing voices.

Wills Raines was a World War II hero, a man with a life – and death – more devastating than war itself. Trapped for decades inside the cottage, Maisy is now his only hope to set his spirit free. As months pass, they become friends and confidantes, falling in love as they help and support each other to heal from the wounds holding them back.

Wills becomes her muse, encouraging her to write again. But as she nears completion of the book, it becomes clear finishing it will release Wills from the cottage and her life.

How will she find the courage to let go of her love, her advocate, and her best friend?

This contemporary romance is a tender and emotional journey of relationships and personal discovery, one that will delight readers who enjoy a romantic fantasy with a happily-ever-after.

Best. Book. Ever.
This was such a beautiful story told by a creative author! This is undoubtedly her best book yet! The story captured life and captured me. Sometimes I feel weak when others see me as strong. How I felt so vulnerable many times in my life. Mostly Foster captured how many of us are when we are alone, when no one is looking. When we cry or are allowed to fall apart within the safe harbors of our homes. When we don't like what or who we see when we look in the mirror but someone else can see our beauty. And the ending could not have been more perfect! This book is absolutely one of the best books ever. Love Foster's storytelling . . . right up there with Nicholas Sparks, and is actually in a league of its own. This is her best work yet! ~Anne Marie Smith