Full On Rogue: The Complete Books #1-4 by Lara Ward Cosio


TANGLED UP IN YOU: Rock star Gavin McManus is the kind of confessional singer who exposes himself in his songs, hoping it will lessen his burden. But when the ultimate exposure comes in the form of a tabloid scandal, he just might lose everything–including the love of his life, his best friend, and his band.

PLAYING AT LOVE: Conor Quinn is the gorgeous guitarist for the Irish rock band Rogue. Trying to right the wrongs of an affair, he rushes into an engagement with his supermodel ex-girlfriend. When an old flame causes him to second guess everything, will he make the right choice and finally stop playing at love?

HITTING THAT SWEET SPOT: Shay Donnelly is the introverted drummer for the Irish rock band Rogue. Always there for others–even at his own expense–his split allegiance costs him Jessica, the love of his life, and he ends up at a breaking point. It's the point at which he must finally find his own life's rhythm and win back his love.

FINDING RHYTHM: Martin Whelan is the “content with his lot in life” bassist for the rock band Rogue. But after years of a steady, routine marriage, his life is irrevocably upset. He'll set out on a journey of epic highs and lows, and have to ask himself how much he's willing to sacrifice to find his rhythm.

“Hands down, one of the best Rock Star Romance series out there. It is raw, it is real, it is so well balanced between each member of the band, weaving the stories through their love, their loss, their friendship, the betrayal and ultimately their redemption and forgiveness.” – 5-star Reader Review