civility (To Be Sinclair Book 13) by Eva Caye


Captain Princess Alea Sinclair is tasked by the Emperor to be her aunt Elizabeth's lady-in-waiting, i.e. bodyguard, on their trip to the Attican Empire to rewrite their $2 trillion treaty. Behind the scenes, health issues and a cruel commanding officer make their private lives hell while they strive to maintain their public image of competence. And their stated mission isn't the only one; they must also find out what they can about an intelligent alien species the Atticans have found on a nearby planet.

They act like simple pets, but due to their hypnotic mental influence, Elizabeth falls for Alea's scorned C.O. while Alea and her two new Attican friends strive desperately to understand the wily chalates. How can Alea determine the intent and the extent of the aliens' influence upon Elizabeth, the most brilliant social analyst and diplomat of the Sinclair Demesnes, before they ruin the renegotiation of this critical treaty?

This is the final volume of the To Be Sinclair series. This novel contains sexual situations.

This is the last installment of the Sinclair universe – no reviews on this book yet as it is newly launching on August 31st. Review is for book 1, Books do not need to be read in order.

The first novel in the To Be Sinclair series was a real surprise for me. The writing and editing was nearly flawless and the story definitely satisfied. I would have rated it 4.5 stars if possible.

This smart, richly-detailed tale beautifully blends science fiction and romance in a lush setting with intricate politics, backstory and world-building. I connected with both Felicia and Victor from their very first exchange and throughout their difficult romantic journey. After all, it's not easy to forge a love affair when he is the reigning Emperor of a planetary system and she is a brilliant, and always chaperoned, student.
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