Rogue by Laura Marie Altom

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Disavowed Navy SEAL, Nash Adamson, knows that's all it will take for his high school sweetheart and her unborn child to die at the hands of her psychopath ex.

Nash launches a middle-of-the-night solo rescue at a remote compound, but the mission goes horribly wrong. Suddenly, Nash is left with no choice but to hide deep in the Everglades, running from trigger-happy hired guns with the eight-month pregnant woman he's fought years to forget.

When exertion and stress send Maisey into early labor, the clock is ticking for Nash to save her and her child from not just lethal swamp creatures, but the man who wants her dead.

I love all the Navy Seal books but this one is by far the very best I have ever read. It has love, hate, fear, joy and all the emotions as poor Maisey is rescued and then kidnapped, rescued again and thought they had lost when their boat quit working. They went with an elderly couple who were going to help them and then found out the couple was working for Vincenzo and Nash and Maisey had to run away again. In the end Nash had to do what he had hoped not to do. He thought he could catch Vincenzo and turn him over to the police but when Vincenzo decided to grab a gun and kill his child, Nash did the job he had to do to keep Joe safe. Read this book. You will love it!