Confessions by Michelle MacQueen

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When lies became the truth…
Abigail Stewart—college student with a hidden past—had a habit of losing herself in boys who were no good for her.

That trend extended itself to Grant Mackenzie. They’d had one night together, and then she was gone from his life, returning to a boyfriend who controlled her with one simple fact: he had the ability to ruin Grant’s career.

And Abigail would do whatever he demanded of her to prevent him from following through on his threats.

Until a trip to St. Croix saw her sharing a house with the man she’d never stopped thinking about.

When Grant unraveled the secrets she’d been keeping, would he protect her as she’d protected him?

Grant Mackenzie—star hockey player—had a reputation. Parties. Women. Everything that could get him in trouble—and had.

One final chance. He’d burned through his team’s patience.

As he sat in St. Croix listening to the girl he never forgot tell him everything she’d done to protect him, he realized this was it. His moment to own up to everything he’d done; the actions he knew could bring him down.

It sounded easy, right?

No one ever told him the hardest part of his hockey career wouldn’t have to do with hockey at all.

Would Grant and Abigail be able to face their pasts together, or did their futures lie in two different directions?

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