Love Under Contract by Dean Hodel

Sadonna Alston learned the value of hard work and following the rules. It’s what got her a scholarship to college, and pushed her to open her own non-profit company called Quality Homes. Now, someone is breaking the rules and putting all her hard work at risk.

Families, Inc. wants to buy her out and they’ll use any trick they can -including pitting her against the man who once held her heart

Michael Travers gambled on love and lost big. When the woman of his dreams rejected him, he locked his heart up and went to work. Money has been his mantra, god, and king ever since. But when his job at Families, Inc. sends him to fix the competition for a large corporation, it lands Michael right back into the life of the woman who broke her heart.

As old feelings resurface, will Sadonna and Michael be able to keep their careers, and not lose their hearts? With everything they love on the line, Sadonna and Michael will need to decide if they have a love that breaks all the rules, or one that makes the rules.

Love under Contract is a sweet romance, with a touch of mystery, and a dash of intrigue that will make you believe in a second chance to get it right.