Storm of Arranon Sticks and Stones by R E Sheahan

Book 4 in the Storm of Arranon series

Erynn is heartbroken but there is no time to mourn, Dhoran and his evil forces are growing stronger. Desperate to stop him, Erynn races back to her home planet of Korin in search of a legendary artifact that might stop Dhoran once and for all.

The secret mission is full of dangers and complications. Jaer, the Anbas warrior sent along to protect her, no longer remembers the relationship they once shared. Even without his memories, he must learn to trust Erynn and her abilities or all will be lost.

This fourth installment of the Storm of Arranon, Sticks & Stones, is gripping from start to finish. The relationships between the characters are so well written, I felt connected to them on a personal level. I cannot wait to see where this series will go next.

Janelle Evans, Author of Stuffed Souls & the Rory’s Choice Series