Dear Diary by Becky Muth

Book 3 in the Haunted Women Tales series

Old diaries and handwritten letters are portals into someone's innermost thoughts. Like a time machine, they can transport us to the exact moment when the author penned the words to the page.

This volume contains three tales of modern-day people whose lives are forever changed by missives written by lost souls from an otherwise forgotten past. Inspired by Appalachian folklore, these stories are set in…

Alabama where two young girls learn that the best way to overcome grief is to find a way to turn pain into purpose.

Mississippi where a stack of old letters teaches a woman who thinks her marriage may be in trouble a nightmarish example of a troubled relationship.

Pennsylvania where a couple's plans to renovate a house uncover a buried secret from the past that will either make or break their marriage.

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“Loved this book and I highly recommend it. Once you start reading it you won’t be able to put it down. Love how the author descriptions make you feel you are in the story experiencing it with the people not just reading about the people. I fell in love with them. You will love this book.” – Amazon 5-Star Review