Murder at the Holiday Bazaar by Kathryn Dionne


Traveling chef, Stevie Elliott, has come home for Christmas to her small town of Quapaw, Mississippi, to help with her church’s annual Hallelujah Holiday Bazaar. It’s her famous southern fried chicken that the congregation has been hankering for.

This joyous festival suddenly sours when Pastor Oliver is found dead in his office. And in his hand is one of Stevie’s half eaten chicken legs. Accusing fingers begin pointing to Stevie’s new sous chef, Milo Iker, a stranger to the community and the one who actually made the chicken.

Stevie is certain that the dear pastor died from natural causes. But when Stevie’s father, Sheriff Elliott, informs her that Pastor Oliver was poisoned, Stevie is forced to take this investigation into her own hands. Now she must help clear Milo’s name, protect his secret, and find the real killer.

“What a great book! I was hooked from the first page.” – Amazon Customer