The Darkest Hour by Roberta Kagan, Jean Grainger, Marion Kummerow, et al


Ten bestselling historical fiction authors have come together to provide a glimpse at the invisible side of WW2 – the Resistance.

Inspired by the brave actions of men, women, and adolescents who fought against the occupying Axis powers around the world, these riveting stories will make you hold your breath and hope for the best in the darkest of times, when everything is at stake and where the price of freedom is a fighter's life.

The darkest hour is just before the dawn, and the heroes and heroines will fight with all they got to see to see the light of freedom shine over their liberated countries again.

In Occupied France, an Irish journalist goes missing, and his daughter sets on a dangerous mission to uncover the truth.

Charles Mercier, a French boy armed only with a piece of chalk and some stolen paint, sets out to make his father proud and restore the glory of France.

Zoe is just as young as Charles when she joins the Greek Liberation Army in a clandestine operation that sets in motion an explosive confrontation between the occupying forces and the Greek Resistance.

Sabine Mahler never imagined going against the sinister Gestapo, until they made her an offer she couldn't refuse. With her husband in their hands, his life depends on her willingness to cooperate.

“The Man with the Iron Heart”, Gestapo chief Reinhard Heydrich turns into the Hangman of Prague, until the Czech resistance decides it's enough. But his assassination will mean heroic death in the name of freedom.

A young Jewish woman questions the meaning of her life until she visits her aging grandmother who survived the holocaust. The heart wrenching truths of her participation in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, will bring many dark secrets to light.

In one night, Yuan Wen-Ying can take down the Japanese commander who slaughtered masses in Nanking. Can she set the plan in motion if she has to destroy the unrequited love of the only one remaining by her side?

Find ten riveting stories of bravery and sacrifice, of love and hatred, of revenge and forgiveness in this WWII anthology. Featuring stories from Roberta Kagan, Jean Grainger, Marion Kummerow, Ellie Midwood, Alexa Kang, Mary D. Brooks, Deborah Swift, Kathryn Gauci, John R. McKay, Ryan Armstrong

***All proceeds go the Washington Holocaust Museum ***

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