The Unborn Hero of Dragon Village by Ronesa Aveela


Everything changed forever for 12-year-old Theo the day fire and ice erupt from the sky. He discovers that dragons are real when Lamia, a three-headed monster, kidnaps his sister. A witch and a talking magpie help him open the portal to Dragon Village, a land he knows only from myth and a place filled with terrifying creatures. A young woodland nymph befriends him when he arrives.

He must learn to trust his instincts as he searches for a way to defeat Lamia before the dragon sacrifices his sister. In his journey, he uncovers secrets that reveal that only he can save the mystical land.

In this audiobook, you will discover some of the terrifying creatures from Bulgarian and Slavic mythology. Some you may know by other names: Samodivi are Veelas from Harry Potter fame, but in this audiobook they're depicted as supernatural creatures of the forest. Baba Yaga, harpies, and other creatures find their way into these pages, as well as, the dreaded lamia.

“I was engrossed in this fantastic tale from the very start. It has a classic fantasy feel with a lot of whimsy reminding me of a more in-depth Alice in Wonderland. I wasn't familiar with the Bulgarian/Slavic myths so it was fresh and original and magical and just wonderful.” –Amazon Reviewer