Lost with a Lord by Emily Murdoch


A man in search of a courtesan, and a woman in search of a ship – and neither will find what they thought they wanted…

Lord George Northmere is tired of his lonely existence, and takes the radical decision to go against the ton and society's rules, and seek out comfort.

But in all his thirty years, he has never met anyone quite like the fiery Italian Miss Florence Capria.

After a riot forces them to take shelter for the night in an intimate small room, can Lord George ignore the growing passion Miss Capria is igniting in his once cold heart? Will being lost with a lord change Florence's destiny forever?

This is the first in a series of eight Ravishing Regencies.

“Hey guys, right here is where you want to be. Nope, no joke all kidding aside. This remarkable spin of a regency romance is refeshing and a slendid way to pass a few hours. If you're looking for excitement, suspense, action, steady paced with a strong plot to keep you captivated until the last word. Congrats my friends you've just stepped off in it. You have it all, all the heart pounding, pulse racing, adrenaline pumping and a chemistry so hot between the two main characters its explosive. The characters were intriguing and complex with a undeniable connection between the two main characters. Their bond is white hot, off the charts, it burns brighter than the sun and is hotter than an erupting volcano. The scenes were so realistic and believable with such vivid detailed descriptions that brought you back to ground zero in the regency era. Twists, turns and a multitude of unexpected surprises that will keep your attention on this page turning bombshell. Murdoch did a phenomenal job bringing this read together beautifully. Remarkable job Emily, thanks for sharing this little jewel with us.”

– Amazon reviewer KAYE