Season of Mercy by Melissa Storm

Sofia Stepanov believes in right and wrong, but she doesn’t believe in following the rules. Naturally, when she finds a wolf hybrid being illegally kept and abused by its captors, she vows to come back and free him herself. Soon the exhilaration of one successful mission leads to many more, leading Sofia to set her sights on the most ambitious rescue yet.

Hunter Burke has never faced a case like this before. A serial dog-napper is on the loose, and the community is up in arms, demanding justice. As he delves deeper into the string of thefts, he finds himself admiring the vigilante criminal. Still, it’s his job to capture—and punish—her, and Hunter has never questioned his duty before.

Will Sofia complete her mission, or will Hunter catch her before she can? And what happens when these two finally come face to face? Are the obstacles too great to hope for a happy ending?

“Ms Storm, as always, writes a wonderful book filled with characters and a plot that are highly developed, thoroughly likeable and a joy to read.” ~ 5 stars from Barbara


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